All workshops are open to everyone. We’ve identified some that are especially recommended for children and beginners. If a workshop sounds interesting but over your head, you might want to attend anyway, listen, record, get sheet music, etc. and take it home to work on later.


Bluegrass your Fiddle- Tim Crosby

Unlike many other styles of fiddling, Bluegrass fiddle is not so much about tunes. Rather, it tends to be improvisational — based on licks, scales, and an understanding of the chords and melody. Here’s the good news: not as complicated as you might think.

Entire bluegrass fiddling careers have been based on one or two licks, played in various combinations. We will learn some of them. Kenny Baker will be proud of you.

Introduction to Scandinavian Fiddling Amey Herman

What makes a tune sound Scandinavian ? Come discover the characteristics of music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. See and hear unique Nordic instruments, and learn how to play in the Scandinavian style, no matter your level or instrument.

Introduction to Ukulele-Sherri Mcdowell


Oldtime Rags Judy McGarvey


An introduction to rags. What makes a rag? Different styles and different levels of play. Music for popular rags. “If it ain’t got that swing, it ain’t got a thing!”  A recorder would be helpful for this workshop.

Square Dancing for Youth and the Young at Heart-Amy Burrow

Learning to Listen- An Intro to Learning By Ear-Shari Ame

This workshop will help you unveil the mystery of picking up tunes around the campfire at night. Come learn how to tell what key a tune is in, how to identify the bare bones of the sound you hear in the air and generally how to get your bearings without sheet music.



Inrtoduction to Circle Jams with Teaching Etiquette Kelly Wadsworth

We will learn and practice the format used by the Oregon Oldtime fiddlers in a circle jam. All levels of experience are welcome to join in.



Next Step for Ukulele-Sherri McDowell

This workshop is for you, if you already know a few chords and simple strum patterns on your ukulele. We will take your playing to the next level by exploring new songs, a few more three fingered chords, new strums and simple picking patterns. Workshop participants will receive a CD with play-along tracks of our class songs, and a booklet to help you remember what is covered in the workshop.

You need to have your own ukulele (strap is strongly recommended) a digital tuner, a music stand and a pen or pencil for making notes. The ukulele should be tuned to high G, C, E and A.  Baritone sized ukuleles are ONLY acceptable if you also bring a capo. Baritones are tuned differently, and it will be hard to stay with the rest of the class if you do not have a capo.  

Cajun Fiddlin– Kelly Thibodeau

Celtic Tunes From Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Assoc.-Linda Danielson

Circle Jam with Teaching Etiquette Ken

Improvisation and Jamming- Andy Emert

Polkas – Judy McGarvey

Beginning Circle Jam


Finger Pickin Guitar Josh Humphrey

This workshop will cover the basics of fingerpicking technique for players new to the technique, as well as some variations, bass runs and advanced rhythm for more advanced players. The position of the hand, the production of tone, and clarity of sound will be the focus of the class.

How to Get More out of your Bow- Linda Danielson

Traditional Irish Fiddle -Shari Ame

Have you ever wondered, “How do you make Irish tunes sound ‘Irish?’” In this workshop you will learn common Irish tune types, their rhythms, quirks, and common tendencies. Learn about Irish ornamentation (cuts, rolls and bow trebles) and some solid bow patterns to generate “Good Lift.” Instructional CDs will be available.

Campfire Songs for Kids of All Ages -Joe Ross

No one can resist the urge to tap their toes, sing along and have fun when Joe Ross leads this highly interactive and “edu-taining” workshop for kids young and old. Pretend the group is around a big campfire. Combining old-time music history with anecdotes, jokes, instrument demos, animal songs, sing-alongs, stories and fun, you can expect a rollicking good time. One never knows what will be pulled out of Joe’s bags of musical tricks, toys and rhythm instruments. Come prepared to help Joe on many of the fun-filled, action songs. Besides your singing voice, you’re welcome to bring your instrument and jam along.     

Western Swing -Andy Emert


Circle Jam-TBD