Below is a list of classes  for the 2018  Fiddle Camp.  An updated list of classes for the 2019 Fiddle Camp will be published soon.

Beginning Fiddle For Youth, age 7-12  (Shari Ame)  In this class for complete beginners, kids will have a lot of fun, move around, learn to play at least 3 whole tunes.  Respecting your instrument and the musical community, we will build a solid rhythmic foundation, learn how to hold the fiddle and bow correctly, and explore how tunes are put together.  No sheet music will be used.

Advanced Beginning Fiddle for Youth (Donna Wynn & Amy Burrow,Team Instructors)

Students will have classes with both instructors each day.  This class is for those who know a few tunes and want to learn more, play better and make all your tunes sound like fiddling.

Advanced Beginning Fiddle for Adults – (Jodie St.Clair – Instructor)

Jodie will teach old time fiddle tunes in the old time style.  Students must be able to play several songs passably.  You will have fun with your music.

Intermediate Fiddle (Jenny Humphrey and  Tim Crosby  Team Instructors) 

Students will have classes with both instructors each day.  Jenny says “My class will focus on taking a piece of music to the next level, working with bowing technique, left hand exercises, understanding the importance of breath and movement while playing.  You will find this class both challenging and motivating.  Sheet music will be provided, but be sure to bring a recording device.” Tim added “”I will bring some interesting tunes from several parts of the fiddle world. We will play them, and take them apart and put them back together again. We will figure out how all these crazy things work together: what you will be learning with Jenny, what you already know, and some things you never thought of before.”

Advanced Fiddle -(Andy Emert- instructor)

Andy will be covering different ideas including playing solos, practicing, choosing appropriate material, tempo, timing, contesting, and playing in front of audiences. Several tunes will be covered as well as techniques for ensemble playing and putting together a band. 

 Let’s Play Mandolin (Joe Ross – Instructor)

Tuned like a fiddle, it makes a lot of sense to learn mandolin too. This class will teach all the basics. Learn about chords (both open and closed bluegrass chop variety), rhythm, single note playing, double stops, fiddle tunes, improvisation, playing in different keys,  transposing from one key to another, backup, kickoffs, endings, tremolo and harmony. We’ll use picking exercises, classic fiddle tunes, and bluegrass songs to build repertoire and techniques. Even intermediate players already on their mandolin journey will learn some helpful, new things in this class. Bring your instrument, pick, tuner and interest in the “8 strings of fame.”     

Flat Pickin Guitar – (Josh Humphrey – Instructor)

We will focus on right hand technique to learn the fundamentals of flat-picking guitar. We will focus on a handful of traditional tunes, working slowly to move past any problems with technique. We will also address left hand fingering, from scales and runs, to chords and key centers. The aim is to cover a variety of technical aspects, and enjoying learning new tunes along the way.

Beginning Upright Bass (Ken Luse – Instructor)

 Learn the fundamentals for playing upright acoustic bass rhythm for fiddle and bluegrass players. The instructor will introduce beginning music theory, scales, technique, chord progressions and tempo used for backing up fiddle players. Students will get first hand experience playing with fiddlers and other rhythm back up players. Please indicate if you need to borrow a bass fiddle so we can make arrangements to have one available.

Fundamental Rhythm Guitar (Jerry Parks, Instructor)

This is not a beginning guitar class but if you can make most of the major chords, this class will help you improve your playing.  We will work on how to improve timing, how to play simple bass runs, how to play clean chords and how to read a chord chart. We’ll learn some seventh and minor chords, and spend lots of time playing standard old time fiddle tunes and a few vocals.