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Andy Emert-Advanced Fiddle

I started learning fiddle tunes in Salem, Oregon around 1982. I had several great friends who taught me tunes and I started to play at festivals and fiddle contests by 1983. My first really big fiddle contest was in Weiser, Idaho in 1984 where I placed 59th out of 70 contestants. I was really hooked on fiddling and attending fiddle contests by 1985 and I learned to teach myself fiddle tunes. I learned tunes from friends and cassette tapes and vinyl records. I was also playing guitar at this time and I could hear chords and learn melodies rather fast. Aside from placing in the top 5 at small contests, my first really big win was in Weiser, Idaho, the National Fiddle Contest where I won the Adult Division in 2010.

I played fiddle through several years of college and played in several music groups through the years. Currently, I play in a western swing band in Portland and still attend fiddle contests in the Pacific Northwest. I work at David Kerr Violin Shop in Portland, Oregon.